Congratulations! Java 8 Launch Event in Japan

Last day, Japan Java Users Group hold a Java 8 Launch Congratulations event at Tokyo Oracle Japan.
There were 7 sessions, for 6 hours. More than 200 people have attended to this event.

Sessions list

  • Congratulations! Java SE 8 GA(General Availability) release
    • by Mr. Terada, Java evangelist, Oralcle Japan.
  • Deep introduction of Project Lambda, returns
    • by Mr. Yoshida
  • Brand new Date and Time API
    • by Mr. Hasunuma, JSR 310 observer
  • Avoid using null! Java 8 programming practice
    • by Mr. Kishida
  • JavaFX - GUI by Illusion
    • by Dr. Sakuraba, Java champion
  • from old Java to modern Java – reloaded
    • by Mr. Tanimoto, Acroquest Technology
  • Raspberry Pi on Java, short update

Sessions' movies (Japanese)

Sessions' pictures